National University

BER605 Bereavement and Spirituality

Course Description

Exposes learners to different religious and spiritual beliefs related to death and dying. Topics include exposure to religious and spiritual systems, meaning making, bereavement rituals, and near death experiences. Learners will develop a bereavement ritual while exploring personal religious and spiritual beliefs in regard to loss.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast definitions of spirituality and religion.
  • Describe the importance of spirituality as it relates to dying and bereavement.
  • Identify how bereavement and spirituality are related.
  • Describe how meaning making is an essential component of spirituality and bereavement.
  • Describe how religion and spirituality affect how people experience dying and bereavement.
  • Compare, contrast, and describe many different religious traditions, beliefs, and rituals in regard to dying, afterlife, and bereavement.
  • Understand the use of ritual in religion and spirituality, and how rituals are an essential component to dying and bereavement.
  • Describe how spirituality and religion are affected by loss and how they can be transformed and used as a coping mechanism in bereavement.
  • Define continuing bonds and describe their importance in the bereavement process.
  • Demonstrate how to use a ritual in a therapeutic way to either come to terms with a transition or death, or to use it to reconnect with a lost loved one.
  • Explore, analyze, and describe your own spiritual/religious beliefs and apply that information to your experiences with dying and bereavement.
  • Describe near death experience phenomenon and identify the psychological, physiological, and transformation after effects.