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AGE611 Psychology of Older Adults

Lead Faculty: Dr Allyson Washburn

Course Description

Psychology and Neuropsychology of Older Adults will examine age-related changes in neurological and psychological function and methods for assessing them. Specific areas of study will include the age-related changes in memory, intellectual development in older adults, motivation and emotion over the life course, personality, and aging and mental health.

Learning Outcomes

  • Incorporate current theory and relevant research findings in addressing specific topics in the psychology and neuropsychology of older adults (PLO 2, 7)
  • Explain how structural and functional changes in the aging brain and nervous system affect memory and decision-making (PLO 1, 2)
  • Examine the seeming paradox of continuity versus change for older adults in areas relating to self and others: personality, gender roles, and intergenerational relationships (PLO 1, 2, 4)
  • Develop assessment plans for older adults with memory complaints, depressive symptoms, or other psychological or interpersonal problems (PLO 2, 3)
  • Design strengths-based treatment plans for older adults and their families presenting with complex cognitive, psychological, and interpersonal challenges (PLO 2, 3)