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ADC295 Guided Study

Lead Faculty: Dr Donald R. Posson

Course Description

Individual study of a selected topic or content area under the guidance of the instructor.

Learning Outcomes

  • To be determined by instructor based on topic or content area covered.
  • Develop a research question pertaining to a current issue in substance abuse, prevention, or treatment.
  • Conduct a literature review pertaining to the chosen topic
  • Discuss biological, physiological, sociological, and psychological aspects of the chosen topic as applied to individuals, families, and communities.
  • Integrate the sum of the student's learning of alcohol and substance abuse theory and practice as related to the chosen topic
  • Analyze and make recommendations concerning the chosen topic
  • Demonstrate the ability to use online resources to research and prepare written and oral assignments
  • Present a grammatically correct, written, final project.
  • Prepare and present a 10-12 minute presentation demonstrating the student's final project and skills in oral presentation.