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PHS231 Calculus-based Physics 1

Course Description

Calculus-based physics course. Intended for Science majors and Engineering students. Study of one, two and three-dimensional kinematics including integral calculus, graphical analysis, numerical integration and vector kinematic, dynamics, uniform and non-uniform circular motion, gravitation, and Newton's synthesis, work and energy with vector algebra principles, linear momentum, rotational motion, statics including elasticity and fracture.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain one, two and three-dimensional motion.
  • Apply vector analysis and integral calculus to solve problems in kinematics and dynamics.
  • Describe kinematics and dynamics of uniform and non-uniform circular motion including velocity-dependent forces.
  • Explain the meaning of gravitational field and energetic processes in Physics.
  • Describe the nature of different types of collisions.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of rotational dynamics.
  • Explain conditions for equilibrium, stability and balance in different physical situations.
  • Apply critical analytical skills to evaluate physical phenomena and their effects; develop clarity of definition, consistency of logic and adequacy of evidence.