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PHS104 Introductory Physics

Lead Faculty: Dr Nataliya V. Serdyukova

Course Description

Non-calculus based general physics course for earth and life science majors. Study of force, laws of motion, hear, fluid mechanics, electricity, magnetism, light (optics) and modern physics.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and define physical quantities.
  • Understand major laws of Physics.
  • Apply the laws of mechanics, hydrostatics, kinetic theory of gases, heat and work, electromagnetism, oscillatory motion and waves, electricity and magnetism, and optics for explaining physical phenomena and solving problems.
  • Trace the contributions of scientists to the development of laws governing physical phenomena and the concepts/theories which integrate them.
  • Gain new knowledge and insight into everyday phenomena based on fundamental physical principles.
  • Develop critical analytical skills to evaluate physical phenomena and their effects by developing clarity in definition, consistency in logic and the search for adequacy of evidence.
  • Develop a clear understanding of scientific method and its application to the fundamental principles governing physical universe.