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MTH410 Technology in Math Education

Lead Faculty: Dr. Igor Ya Subbotin

Course Description

Computer Technology in the Mathematics Classroom An overview of the computer-based technology in the mathematics classroom. Evaluates graphing calculators, and computer software such as Maple, Scientific Workplace, Geometerand#xbf;s Sketchpad, MiniTab, SPSS, and others to determine their value in illuminating concepts in the curriculum.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of and an ability to use representative programs from each of the following categories: A. Computer applications and tools such as word processing, data bases, graphics, spreadsheets, telecommunications, networking, and program languages. B. Computer-based technology assisted instruction and learning, such as simulations, demonstrations, tutorials, and drill and practice; and C. Teacher utility programs such as those for recordkeeping, generating instructional materials, and managing instruction.
  • Identify criteria for evaluating the contributions of computer-based assisted instruction to problem-solving and concept development.
  • Demonstrate the application and use of a computer-based technology as a tool to enhance the development of problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, or creative processes. Examples of such skills and processes are: gathering and analyzing data, generating and testing hypotheses, classifying, comparing and contrasting, inferring, evaluating, composing and designing.
  • Demonstrate the integration of a computer-based application into instruction.
  • Identify issues relevant to the use of computers in schools and in society, such as: health, equitable access regardless of gender, class, race; ethical concerns and national need.