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MTH311 Topics from Geometry

Lead Faculty: Dr Igor Ya Subbotin

Course Description

A survey of main concepts of Euclidean geometry with the emphasis on the axiomatic approach, constructions, logic of proof, and some ideas from non-Euclidean geometry including historical aspects. A study of axioms of Euclidean Geometry, inference rule, some basic theorems of Euclidean Geometry, and rigorous proofs will be offered.

Learning Outcomes

  • Exhibit problem solving strategies and critical thinking skills.
  • Perform geometric constructions using a straight-edge and compass.
  • Apply algebraic skills to geometric problems.
  • Solve mathematical and logical problems which require geometric skills.
  • Prove geometric theorems using both direct and indirect proof structures.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of isometries in two- and three-dimensional space (e.g., rotation, translation, reflection), including their basic properties in relation to congruence