National University

EES491B Capstone: Environ Study 2

Lead Faculty: Dr. Michael R. Maxwell

Course Description

Seminar classes analyze different approaches, modes of inquiry, and methodologies associated with environmental issues. Students select a topic for further original research, producing a "capstone" paper based on a field-based or agency-based project. Topic chosen should be different from that chose in SCI 491A. The seminar topic chosen in SCI491B should be different than the one selected in SCI491A.

Learning Outcomes

  • Engage in appropriate in-depth research and analysis of a specific topic, and craft a coherent, complex argument that addressed interdisciplinary connections and counterarguments.
  • Discuss effectively primary and secondary texts with particular attention to disciplinary modes of inquires methods and research.
  • Conduct an original field and/or agency-based scientific research project on a selected environmental issue/problem.
  • Synthesize material and information from a variety of sources and demonstrate this ability in an oral, written, and visual form.
  • Write a comparative research essay (seminar paper) that identifies and analyzes the similarities and differences between research results derived from the capstone project and those from primary source journals.
  • Edit, peer-edit, and re-write course papers competently.