National University

EES338 Energy Resources

Lead Faculty: Dr. Dzung T. Nguyen

Course Description

Examines renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Investigates available world resources, market, trends, and technology. Evaluates energy conservation and practical alternatives, social, cultural and economic impacts, environmental aspects of power generation, air pollution, acid rain, ozone depletion, and global warming.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recite basic concepts and relationship among energy, heat, and work.
  • Assess the applicability of various energy sources and perform cost/benefits analyses of these resources.
  • Appraise the role of energy use and resources in regard to environmental, economical, and political issues.
  • Describe various clean and renewable energy generation technologies.
  • Evaluate the environmental consequences of using fossil fuels and green energy sources.
  • Analyze the merits of selecting various energy resources to assure sustainability of the global ecological system.