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CHE351A Organic Chemistry II Lab

Course Description

Students will apply laboratory techniques learned in CHE350A to synthesize , purify and identify organic compounds including alcohols, aldehydes, aromatics, ketones, ethers, esters, amides and amines. The experiments will be done on a small scale approach or microscale. Contact hours for this laboratory course (45) are based on a 3:1 ratio, i.e. 3 Lab hours= 1 lecture hour equivalent.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply Chemical procedure in the Laboratory following safety guidelines
  • Conduct miniscale and/or microscale synthesis reactions for organic compounds.
  • Sketch the extraction techniques to be use in the separation of mixtures of organic compounds.
  • Examine Spectroscopic data from infrared, proton nuclear magnetic resonance, and ultraviolet to identify unknown samples
  • Predict the major product of a chemical reaction based on the reaction's mechanism.
  • Develop his/her own flow chart for the experimental procedure to follow during the experiment.
  • Identifying and explaining sources of errors that might have affected the expected result
  • Write scientific laboratory reports following the American Chemical Society ( ACS) Style Guide