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CHE141 General Chemistry 1

Lead Faculty: Dr Dzung T. Nguyen

Course Description

General chemistry topics important for higher level chemistry and science courses: thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, and quantum mechanics. Successful completion of a college algebra course is required for enrollment in this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Name and classify inorganic compounds.
  • Determine empirical and molecular formulas from empirical data.
  • Balance chemical equations and use stoichiometric relationships and the mole concept to calculate product and reactant amounts.
  • Identify different types of reactions (precipitation, neutralization, oxidation-reduction) and predict the outcome of these reactions.
  • Explain the first law of thermodynamics and the role of energy and enthalpy in chemical reactions and perform thermochemical calculations.
  • Explain the basic concepts of quantum theory, determine the electron configurations of atoms, and use periodic trends to make predictions about atomic properties.
  • Explain theories of chemical bonding and determine the molecular geometry of molecules using VSEPR theory.
  • Apply gas laws and kinetic molecular theory to processes involving gases.