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BIO650 Seminar in Evolution

Lead Faculty: Dr. Michael R. Maxwell

Course Description

Discussion of concepts in evolution, including the origin of features and species in evolutionary time, and the genetic and developmental bases of evolutionary change. Students examine research topics in evolution.

Learning Outcomes

  • Investigate a topic in evolutionary biology for a species, taxon, or clade.
  • Examine evidence for evolution of topic of interest, such as molecular, fossil, developmental, anatomical, and biogeographical data.
  • Consider evolutionary basis of biological topic of interest, such as its origin in evolutionary time, its expression in related and distant clades, its genetic or developmental bases.
  • Investigate a research question in peer-reviewed and primary literature in evolutionary biology.
  • Evaluate peer-reviewed and primary literature in evolutionary biology, with attention to unresolved questions.
  • Communicate research findings in written and oral formats.