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Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics

Lead Faculty: Dr. Azita Mokhtari

The Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics prepares candidates for careers in the fields of: Applied Linguistics, Language Education, Foreign Language Education and English as a Foreign/Second Language. The program provides breadth and depth of knowledge in several areas of Linguistics, English/Foreign language instruction and the specialized knowledge and skills needed to plan and conduct research and/or instruction in Second Language Acquisition, Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language, Foreign Language Methodology and Applied Linguistics.

The Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics program is recommended for students with Bachelor s degree in: Language amp; Linguistics, Foreign Languages, English, Literature, and other related fields. The program is equally ideal for anyone who would pursue a master's degree in order to advance their careers; post-secondary teachers of English as Second/Foreign Language, teachers of Foreign Languages both in the USA and abroad, anyone intending to teach ESL or Foreign Languages at two or four year colleges, for government linguists or language instructors interested in advancing their academic careers, and as preparation for Doctoral Studies in related fields. The career opportunities for successful candidates include but are not limited to secondary, post-secondary and private sector instruction in: English as a Second Language (TESL), English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), and Foreign Language Teaching (FLT).

Please note: This degree does not award the applicant with any credential or licensure in K-12 schools.

Teaching Requirement:

This program has a teaching internship component (ALN 690) which requires 60 hours of language teaching. This Internship provides practical teaching experience for students in the Applied Linguistics/TESL/TEFL MA Program, offered on S/U basis only. Prior teaching experience may be used to satisfy the requirements for this Internship. In addition, Teaching Assistantship, language instruction in the private sector or as a Volunteer can be used to satisfy the Internship requirement. In the case of students without prior teaching experience, they are required to work with the Lead Faculty to set up an internship opportunity. Teaching experience is required for graduation.

In the rare case where neither: 1- Prior Teaching Experience 2- Teaching Assistantship 3- Teaching Internship position is available to the student, with the consent of the Program Director, ALN 690 may be taken as Practicum to provide the student with best practices in Foreign/Second Language instruction, in a supervised teaching mode where the student will plan and conduct teaching sessions of varying levels and difficulties, assigned by the instructor. For the waiver request, students need to submit the following: resume with references, employer letter (current/former), or a letter from internship supervisor specifying 60 hours of language teaching.

This requirement can be waived for students who can submit documents that show they satisfy the teaching requirement.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate their capacity for continued learning, growth and scholarly activity in the discipline in general and in their specific field(s) of interest in particular.
  2. Exhibit professional and technical expertise consistent with professional and ethical standards of disciplinary and/or content-area.
  3. Evaluate relevant literature, including primary and secondary sources, in Applied Linguistics in a multifaceted and nuanced manner.
  4. Apply a scholarship-based understanding of key theories and philosophies to a variety of research and teaching areas in Applied Linguistics.
  5. Plan, manage research-based projects and employ their knowledge of the conventions and methods in the field of Applied Linguistics.
  6. Create sophisticated and professionally-informed written works or websites related to Applied Linguistics.
  7. Measure language learners' initial and developing linguistic knowledge and skills.
  8. Apply aspects of Applied Linguistics methods and methodology when teaching second language learners.


To receive a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics students without the required teaching experience must complete 49.5 quarter units of graduate credit. Students who apply for and are approved to waive ALN690 must complete a minimum of 45 quarter units of graduate work.

A total of 4.5 quarter units of graduate credit may be granted for equivalent graduate work completed at another regionally accredited institution as it applies to this degree and provided the units were not used in earning another advanced degrees. Students should refer to the section on graduate admission requirements for specific information regarding admission and evaluation.

Required Courses (11 courses, 49.5 quarter units)

Core Requisite(s):

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