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Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with a Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential (California)

Lead Faculty: Dr. Luis Acebal

The Bachelor of Art in Spanish with a Preliminary Single Subject Credential provides a rigorous education that prepares candidates for a career as a teacher of Spanish at the middle and secondary school levels. The program stresses foundation Spanish and its application. This program prepares candidates for professional work as single subject teachers in a changing cultural and economic environment. Students majoring in Spanish can enroll in this program at any time prior to the completion of SPN 490 or 491. This program prepares students with the knowledge, skills and dispositions required for entry into the teaching profession.

For additional information on credential requirements, please see the School of Education Credential Information section of the catalog.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop oral, written and reading proficiency in Spanish
  2. Read and interpret representative texts and cultural productions in Spanish.
  3. Develop analytical and critical skills that build from textual, cultural and linguistic analysis to the exploration of society.
  4. Translate and interpret to and from Spanish.
  5. Differentiate the major aspects of Latin American and Hispanic culture and civilization from pre-Columbian times to the present.
  6. Demonstrate familiarity with the history and culture of the Spanish speaking world.
  7. Demonstrate application of educational technology to meet the needs of all learners including those with special needs linguistically and culturally diverse students.
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of adolescent development in order to explain how to support growth in cognitive, social, physical and emotional domains
  9. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the learning needs of students to create positive learning environment that ensure healthy human growth.
  10. Utilize systematic observations, documentation, and other effective assessment strategies in a responsible manner to facilitate and account for learning and to support positive growth.
  11. Design, implement, and evaluate standards-based lesson plans for learning and achievement in content areas.


Education Orientation, Theory and Methodology Requirements (7 courses; 31.5 quarter units)
Student Teaching Requirements (4 courses; 18 quarter units)
Credentialing Requirements (2 courses; 9 quarter units)
    Students must have senior standing to enroll in these two classes. The EDX1201X class is considered graduate level. These courses will not transfer to any graduate level program (at National University or elsewhere).
  • EDX 1201X Computer Tech in Classroom
  • HEDX 1101X Intro Health Ed: K-12

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