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ILR260 Information Literacy

Lead Faculty: Dr. Christine Photinos

Course Description

A cross-disciplinary course that teaches effective report and research paper writing through the use of key computer technologies. The course includes Internet research, MLA and APA style formats, computer technologies, spreadsheets and the application of multimedia software and graphics for report presentation. ILR 260 offers refinement in the use of the microcomputer for effective report writing and presentation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate proficiency in communicating information using a variety of software applications and other digital tools.and#xa0;
  • Navigate electronic library systems and the Internet to locate, evaluate, and use various interdisciplinary scholarly databases.
  • Design and implement effective search strategies within various Internet and library information-retrieval environments.
  • Generate text-oriented research papers and reports that incorporate spread sheets, tables, graphs, charts and multimedia graphics as formal modes of persuasion and validation according to proper business, humanities, and science formats.
  • Demonstrate awareness of ethical and social issues relevant to information technology, such as access, privacy, and intellectual property.