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ENG669 World Film

Lead Faculty: Dr. Paul T. Majkut

Course Description

World Film is a content-variable course that may be repeated for credit. Each iteration of this course is a study of the film tradition of a specific nation or group of nations other than the United States. Students in this course will engage in an intensive study of the elements of filmmaking and theory, as well as the contrasting visual styles of directors, artists, and themes prominent in the particular tradition or traditions surveyed. Trans-cultural and transcendental film categories, universals values, and the fundamental principles of film art are also important topics of discussion.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the cinema of a specific nation or group of nations by both critical and quantitative measurements used in film criticism and aesthetics.
  • Identify and evaluate specific national film style.
  • Identify and evaluate specific national film history.
  • Identify and evaluate significant directors in a specific nation.
  • Identify and evaluate significant events, personages, and films in a specific national film tradition.