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ENG659 Rhetoric, Aesthetics & Logic

Lead Faculty: Dr Franz J Potter

Course Description

This course is an examination of rhetoric, poetics, and aesthetics as the bases of the principal theoretical foundations of the field whose focus is the study of writing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Delineate the contributions of rhetoric, poetics, and aesthetics as sources of contemporary composition theory and practice.
  • Define with precision and clarity the nature and purpose of rhetoric, poetics, and aesthetics in the field of Rhetoric and Composition Studies.
  • Explain how the field of Composition Studies fits into the broader field of English Studies.
  • Evaluate the relevance of theoretical traditions in rhetoric, poetics, and aesthetics to the general field of Rhetoric and Composition studies.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with inductive and deductive methods of argumentation, especially in the form of enthymemes, and the central role they play in rhetorical methods of persuasion.
  • Demonstrate in writing an understanding of the foundational place of rhetoric, poetics, and aesthetics as distinct strands in discursive study.
  • Identify and assess points of dynamical interrelations and intersections among the theoretical complexes of rhetoric, poetics, and aesthetics.