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ENG657 Modern Rhetoric

Lead Faculty: Dr Franz J Potter

Course Description

Introduces students to the contemporary study of rhetoric. The course covers major figures such as Kenneth Burke, Lloyd Bitzer, and Stephen Toulmin. The course introduces a wide range of academic interests in contemporary rhetoric; in particular, students will practice reading texts rhetorically through major theories of rhetoric.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss and analyze scholarly articles in the field of Rhetoric.
  • Analyze and distinguish among approaches to the study of rhetoric, assessing underlying epistemological and ideological assumptions.
  • Produce a critical review of literature on a specific area of research in Rhetoric.
  • Evaluate scholarly texts, indicating possible areas of further inquiry.
  • Synthesize conflicting viewpoints to find productive research space in order to address vital questions in the field.
  • Evaluate the contributions of various major figures in the field.
  • Construct a niche or position and enter scholarly discourse through composing of a research paper with a strong claim.