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ENG100 Effective College English I

Lead Faculty: Dr Scott Mcclintock

Course Description

The first of a two-course sequence designed to provide incoming students with the expository and argumentative writing and critical thinking skills required for college course work. Emphasizing essay-length compositions, the course covers critical reading and analysis, thesis formation and essay organization and basic research and revision techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify main idea and themes in reading.
  • Identify key words for use as supporting evidence.
  • Critically analyze literary material for incorporation.
  • Paraphrase and summarize source language.
  • Generate unified and coherent formal essays.
  • Develop paragraphs with clear topic sentences, supportive examples and evidence, and concluding sentences.
  • Write clear thesis statements, supportive body paragraphs, introductions and conclusions.
  • Develop effective introductions and conclusions using appropriate strategies, such as anecdote, questioning, framing, and quotation.
  • Write on a focused topic.
  • Incorporate source material into sentences in accordance with the conventions of textual appropriation and citation.
  • Use effective revising and editing strategies in revising one's own work and the work of peers.
  • Write clear, effective sentences in accordance with the conventions of Standard English and college-level academic writing.