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COM411A Advertising Campaigns

Lead Faculty: Dr. Joan-Marie Van Tassel

Course Description

Students create and present a complete advertising campaign, and produce materials for multiple media platforms, including print, broadcast, and digital. Provides hands-on experience presenting a creative plan to a potential client.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create concepts for a brand based on multiple approaches.
  • Apply uses of ad elements, including headlines, preheadline, subheadlines and body copy.
  • Apply the "creative tree," including stemming features and benefits to all forms of headlines and taglines.
  • Apply design concepts to creating layouts, and placing headlines, subheadlines, preheadlines, taglines, and body copy.
  • Integrate best practices for developing print advertising, out-of-home advertising, and direct advertising/marketing into creative projects.
  • Produce concepts, design, and copy for billboard advertisement and full graphic email.
  • Apply best practices to create radio advertising scripts and television advertising storyboards.