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ALN 690 Internship

Lead Faculty: Dr. Azita Mokhtari

Course Description

This Internship provides practical teaching experience for students in the Applied Linguistics/TESL/TEFL MA Program, offered on S/U basis only. Prior teaching experience may be used to satisfy the requirements for this Internship. In addition Teaching Assistantship can be used to satisfy the Internship requirement. In the rare case where neither: 1- Prior Teaching Experience 2- Teaching Assistantship 3- Teaching Internship position is available to the student, with the consent of the Program Director, ALN 690 may be taken as Practicum to provide the student with best practices in Foreign/Second Language instruction, in a supervised teaching mode where the student will plan and conduct teaching sessions of varying levels and difficulties, assigned by the instructor.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use their real life experiences in teaching, to develop activities for research/teaching second/foreign languages.
  • Critically analyze teaching approaches and methods in the field of applied linguistics.
  • Evaluate current materials for teaching approaches to applied linguistics from their own prespective.
  • Conduct teaching in various areas of applied linguistics specifically the intersection of the areas of second language acquisition.