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ALN 680 Sec/Foreign Lang Assessment

Lead Faculty: Dr. Azita Mokhtari

Course Description

This course is intended to provide a working knowledge of the basic principles and procedures for test construction and testing within the second language context. Students will learn about a variety of first and second language tests including standardized tests, integrative language tests, discrete-point tests, and tests of communicative competence.

Learning Outcomes

  • Have a basic understanding of Second/Foreign Language Assessment.
  • Use their gained understanding of Assessment Methods in Applied Linguistics, to develop tests for second/foreign languages.
  • Critically analyze approaches and methods in assessment of Second/Foreign Languages.
  • Survey traditional and innovative approaches in assessment in field of applied linguistics.
  • Evaluate available assessment tools from primary and secondary sources in the field.
  • Conduct research in areas of assessment and the intersection of the areas of second language acquisition.