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ALN 640 Sec/Foreign Language Method II

Lead Faculty: Dr. Azita Mokhtari

Course Description

This course is an overview of the theoretical and practical issues involved in the teaching of second or foreign language reading and writing. The course examines the relationship of second-language reading and writing development to second-language acquisition, composition theory, reading and writing research, and second-language teaching.

Learning Outcomes

  • Have a basic understanding of research on Second/Foreign Language Methods re teaching of English as a second/foreign language reading and writing.
  • Use their gained understanding of the Second/Foreign Language Methods, to develop activities for teaching reading and writing.
  • Critically analyze approaches and methods in teaching ESL/EFL to adults re reading and writing.
  • Survey traditional and innovative approaches in teaching second-language reading and writing.
  • Evaluate current materials for teaching of second-language from primary and secondary sources in the field of teaching second-language reading and writing.
  • Conduct research in areas of second-language acquisition; and the intersection of the areas of reading and writing.