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Online learning is about more than just convenience. Sure, avoiding lengthy commutes to class and participating in online discussions from your couch or favorite coffeehouse are added benefits, but there are other meaningful advantages as well.

In your virtual classrooms, you'll find just the right blend of multimedia-rich presentations and interactivity to make for a captivating learning experience that is both engaging and memorable.

As an online student, you can still interact with other students all over the world. With our user-friendly e-mail and chat features, it's easy to communicate and develop a rapport with your peers.

At National University, we understand that you may be unfamiliar with online learning. That's why we've done everything possible to put you at ease. Instructors, advisors, technical support, and National’s unique Student Concierge Service work with you every step of the way to help you succeed.

Take a few minutes to review an online course demo to see if online learning is something you want to pursue.

Students are responsible for checking with the appropriate education authority in their state to confirm that online course delivery by out of state institutions not licensed in their state is authorized [or, “not prohibited.”]

National University is a member of the National University System.