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Alumnus Publishes Book on Crisis Response and Management

Alumnus Dr. Murray Jennex ( MBA, 1982) is putting his expertise to practical use.

In the wake of the nuclear disaster in Japan, Dr. Jennex, a professor at San Diego State University and an editor for IGI Global (an international publishing company
specializing in high-quality research publications) has released his latest book: Crisis Response and Management and Emerging Information Systems: Critical Applications.

Jennex’ work "provides a comprehensive, cross disciplinary look at the advancing and understanding of organizational, technical, human, and cognitive issues associated with the use of information systems in responding and managing crises of all kinds."

His book presents the issues that drive the technologies, processes, methodologies, techniques, and practices used to implement information systems in a variety of ways and in the multi-faceted modern environment that we find ourselves in today.

Dr. Jennex is a specialist in nuclear containment structures with 20 years of experience in examining structures at the consulting firm General Physics and the Southern California Edison Co. In his new book, he touches on many modern topics related to crisis management, such as the use of social media during a disaster. Researchers, students, policy makers, and other professionals will consider this an invaluable read.