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Faculty Member Publishes Book on Post 9/11 Hollywood

Tom Pollard, Professor of Social Sciences at National University (San Jose) has just released his latest book, “Hollywood 9/11: Superheroes, Supervillians, and Super Disasters” available now at Paradigm Publishers.

The book is described as a thought-provoking analysis of how the 9/11 terrorist attacks and subsequent military responses have transformed cinema. Within its pages, Pollard critically examines more than 100 post-9/11 films - including popular movies such as Harry Potter and The Hurt Locker - putting them into a historical and cinematic context.

As he noted in one of his earlier works: “Terrorism has become a vital source of narratives, fantasies, and myths that contribute so much to highly entertaining cinema, with its international intrigue, exotic settings, graphic violence, and the putative conflict between good and evil. Scenes of terrorist and counterterrorist activity have a natural cinematic appeal, above all in the US where the gun culture, civic violence, crime sprees, and a flourishing war economy permeate the landscape.”

Pollard’s latest book expounds on this theme, delving deep into the evolution of films from the last decade, and explaining how few other events have so distinctively defined an era of film history. It proves to be an insightful and enjoyable read.

Pollard is also author of three additional books, Sex and Violence: “The Hollywood Censorship Wars,” “The Hollywood War Machine,” which he co-authored with National University Professor Carl Boggs, and “A World in Chaos: Social Crisis and the Rise of Postmodern Cinema.” Pollards documentary films have appeared on the BBC, the Discovery Channel, the Life Network, the Canadian Broadcasting System, and various PBS channels.