National University

Alumnus is Casting Producer for New Game Show

He is looking for families to audition via Skype

 Alumnus Joshua Sandoval (M.A., English, 2010) is producing “Wall of Fame,” a new celebrity-driven, family-based game show for NBC. The network has ordered eight hour-long episodes from Sandoval’s employer, the international television production and distribution company Endemol. It is an exciting opportunity that follows a string of lucky breaks for the talented writer.

Of course, in show business (as with any business), luck is a combination of education, aggressive networking and a burning desire to succeed. The way Sandoval tells it, you begin with talent and the necessary skill sets. Then, you have to meet the right people and get noticed. Oh, one more thing: you have to recognize failure as just another step toward success.

“The way I got the job was through networking and showcasing my skills in a creative way,” says Sandoval. “From 2009 to 2011, I worked on a TV show called Latino 101. I became friends with a few people who also worked on the show, and when it was cancelled after 2 seasons we all remained friends on Facebook and LinkedIn.”

One of Sandoval’s colleagues from "Latino 101" went on to cast numerous reality shows. From time to time in 2011 through 2012 she contacted him to recommend talent for the shows she was casting, because she knew he had a good eye for talent. In the meantime, the National University graduate was developing his own content to showcase his creativity. He created a blog, a vlog, and produced his own self-financed TV pilots that he tried to sell – all the while sharing all his projects on his social media accounts.

“Last October, my friend called me out of the blue saying she was a fan of all the content I was posting on Facebook,” Sandoval explains. “She also told me she was working in the Game Show Department at Fremantle Media and that she was recommending me for a position on the Fremantle show "America's Got Talent."

For AGT, the up-and-coming producer used his experience in comedy and knowledge of stand-up comedians across the country to book comedians for the show. Most importantly, however, he increased the show's online presence by managing its social media accounts and creating content for the show to utilize in each of the program’s 16 audition cities. Sandoval’s duties included writing sketches, radio spots, serving as a liaison between the public/media and the show. Fremantle liked what he did for AGT and asked him to work on their other show "Let’s Make A Deal" for CBS. Once again, he was managing social media and casting contestants for the game show.

“My education definitely helped with my success,” says Sandoval. “On a daily basis in my profession I have to be analytical, creative, and eloquent. I also have to showcase that content to large audiences. What better way to learn how to do those things than to study authors who did that in very different fashions, like Gustave Flaubert, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

“My courses at National University also taught me how to stay invested and committed to a goal. Earning a degree takes a commitment over time. I looked at my self-financed projects as an investment in myself. Those projects didn't yield immediate results, but they did push me forward with my ultimate goal. I was developing skills with each project, just like I was with each class I took in college. I knew eventually that someone would recognize my skills showcased in my projects and call upon me, but I just didn't know when. That didn't stop me from continuing to invest and stay committed to my creative goal. If my master’s degree taught me anything, it was that you have to stay focused on the task at hand to eventually reach your ultimate goals.”
As a producer for WALL OF FAME, Sandoval will be looking for families that want to try to win up to $250,000 dollars. They will be asked general knowledge questions and then have to try to predict if celebrities will answers those same questions right or wrong.

“I am casting families nationwide via Skype interviews, but I'm also holding in-person casting interviews in Los Angeles,” he says.

National University alumni who know of anyone interested in participating on WALL OF FAME are encouraged to contact Joshua Sandoval at or call his office at (323) 822-7372.