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History Professor is First to Receive Faculty Scholarship Endowment Award

 Alex Zukas, Ph.D., a history professor in the College of Letters and Sciences, is the inaugural recipient of the Clum Charles and Gwendolyn Bucher Endowment Faculty Scholarship Abroad.

The Bucher scholarship provides opportunities for faculty to learn and teach abroad, and for foreign faculty to teach at the University. In Professor Zukas’ case, it will allow him to complete a book project on Hermon Moll, a major 18th century European cartographer. Related research will include trips to archives and map libraries in London, Edinburgh, and Bremen.

In particular, the Bucher Scholarship recipient will conduct research in the archival and map holdings of the British Library, the U.K. National Archives, the Royal Geographical Society in London, the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh, and the Staatsarchiv in Bremen, Germany.

According to Professor Zukas, Moll’s contributions to British overseas expansion has been underestimated and understudied. He is presenting his book as the first comprehensive analysis Moll’s work and its relation to the massive global expansion of British Empire in the 1700s.

Professor Zukas has already published articles and book chapters on Moll that have been well received by experts in the field.  The special editor of a recent issue of the World History Bulletin, Dr. Kevin Goldberg of Brown University, wrote that he enjoyed an essay by Zukas on Moll, adding that "I… find the piece extraordinarily interesting. It will be a very valuable component of the special issue.”

The history professor’s disciplinary expertise is recognized internationally in publications and speaking invitations. He enjoys a solid record of publishing and finishing academic projects. Since July 2000, Professor Zukas has written twelve chapters for academic books, published nine articles in international, peer reviewed scholarly journals, published an article in peer-reviewed conference proceedings, published thirty-five encyclopedia articles, and given forty-three scholarly presentations at regional, national, and international conferences. National University has recognized his scholarship with eleven Presidential Scholarships since 2000, and he also received the National University Professoriate Award in 2009.

“I will acknowledge the generosity of the Clum Charles and Gwendolyn Bucher Endowment Faculty Scholarship Abroad Award in funding the research for the book and in any articles or presentations that result from this research, highlighting National University’s support of faculty research,” said Professor Zukas. “The publications and presentations that result from this award will develop the reputation of National University in the field of historical research.”

The Clum Charles and Gwendolyn Bucher Endowment Faculty Scholarship was established and funded by National University Board member John Bucher. For more information regarding the Scholarship, or to contribute to the Endowment, contact the National University Development Department at (858) 642-8093.