National University

26 Percent of New CA National Board Certified Teachers are affiliated with National University

 Of the 345 new National Board Certified Teachers named in December 2012 by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), 91 are affiliated with National University – either as alumni, students or previous enrollees. For the second consecutive year, those 91 constitute more than one in four of the state’s new NBCTs (26 percent).

National Board Certification is a voluntary process, requiring a rigorous performance-based assessment that can take from one to three years to complete. Once achieved, it is considered “the gold standard” of teaching excellence, according to NBPTS President and CEO Ronald Thorpe.

National University provides degree bearing programs and free professional development services that embed National Board standards, processes and resources aimed to increase effective instruction and increased P12 student learning. Courses in the program are taught by NBCT adjunct faculty, who are also trained as Certified Evidence based Support Providers, according to NBCT Program Director Ronarae Adams.

In California, National University is one of only three universities that offer a master’s degree incorporating NBCT coursework into the program. The Master of Arts in Teaching with a specialization in National Board Certified Teacher Leadership is one of the University's most popular programs.

Additionally, National University is the home to The NBC Leadership Center. The Center is committed to develop accomplished professionals as measured by P12 student learning outcomes and evidence of applying NBPTS standards in teaching and leadership through multiple options offering the following:

* No fee, monthly and one-to-one support by trained Candidate Support Providers (CSPs) for active candidates (principals, teachers, counselors)
* a Virtual, P20 NBCT Accomplished Teaching and Leadership Community
* no fee, weekly professional learning webinars
* no fee, presentations, workshops and NB coaching
* Preservice Student California Teachers Association Chapter-Future NBCT of America
* leadership and advocacy training and opportunities
* opportunities for aspiring teachers and first and second year teachers to be linked to NBCTs in the voluntary Preservice Preparation with National Board Distinction Pathway
* annual celebrations of accomplishments that impact student learning

For information, and to get involved in the University’s NBC Leadership Center PTDC activities, List Serve and online Accomplished Teaching and Leadership Network, visit the web site at, or contact NU-NBCT Program Director, Ronarae Adams at or 858-642-8352.