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A Personal Tribute to Chancellor Lee

The Associate Regional Dean for San Jose echoes the sentiments of many within the National University community

Sunday, April 22 marked the final appearance of National University System Chancellor in an official capacity at a commencement ceremony in Sacramento.

It was an historical and emotional occasion for the many board members, administrators, staff and faculty who have served under Chancellor Lee, which didn't go unappreciated or unrecognized the evening before commencement, when the University community gathered for a reception and dinner.

Following are the remarks of Gwendolyn Smith, Associate Regional Dean of National University in San Jose, to Chancellor Lee at the pre-commencement dinner:

Dr. Lee,

June will make one year that I have  relocated and joined the Northern region and it is obvious that your footprint for continued quality and excellence has made an indelible impact on the San Jose and San Francisco teams.  You are a tireless advocate for equality and diversity for our students and our employees.

We are grateful for the state-of-the art facilities, the comfortable working environments and conditions, a great benefits package and the opportunity to change and improve our lives through education with tuition scholarship. Your value of community is contagious, so much so, that it has become a social responsibility for us to service and empower our students, because when students encounter positive and fulfilling experiences through a National University relationship, the community is enriched and continues to thrive.

And your extraordinary accomplishments transcend from you focusing on the 30,000 foot view of overseeing the business of the University System, to listening to our needs and instilling in us the importance of taking pride in our jobs. By establishing the National University Covenants of Pride, you inspired us to take a higher, aerial view of the big picture to see beyond ourselves and work towards a stronger, greater goal:

• Be Selfless
• Be Your Best - treat complacency as a disease

• Be Involved
• Be Respectful
• Be Committed
You are a humble and passionate visionary and a role model for future leaders. Thank you for allowing us to see the vision of NU through your eyes. We are proud to be a part of your legacy.

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