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National University Eco Fair Celebrates 4th Year

Approximately 200 people attended the 4th annual National University Eco Fair on Saturday, April 21 at the Spectrum campus in San Diego.

Building on the previous year’s theme of “Save Green by Going Green,” exhibitors and visitors focused on everyday products, services and solutions that demonstrate environmental and economic sustainability and stewardship.

Participating companies included Happy Earth Gardens, SPG Solar, Filtercon Technologies and the San Diego City Department of Environmental Services.  NU students in environmental sciences classes gave poster presentations on a variety of environmental challenges, such as water conservation, food production, and energy sources.

“This was yet another opportunity for National University to interact with the public in a socially responsible manner,” said event co-chair Maryam Davodi-Far, an assistant professor in the College of Letters and Sciences’ Department of Professional Studies and one of several faculty members involved in the planning and promotion of this year’s Eco Fair. “By embracing a greener lifestyle, we are able to enhance the quality of life for everyone, especially future generations,” she added.

Other faculty members contributing to the Eco Fair included event Co-Chair Mike Maxwell, who serves as Chair of the College of Letters and Sciences’ Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and Melinda Campbell of the College of Letters and Sciences’ Department of Arts and Humanities.  Instructors Tom Hahn, Keefe Reuther, and John Messina organized the student presentations.

The academic complement of Eco Fair includes National's programs that focus on environmental issues, such as a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences and a Master of Science in Sustainability Management.  In addition to attracting students and alumni in these disciplines, the event draws attendance from many other programs as well.

Over the past four years, for example, attendees have included graduates and credential completers from the School of Education, including many science teachers who gather valuable information for their classroom from various exhibitors.  The event has also catered to children and families.

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