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Alum is Runner Up as Contestant on The Amazing Race

An alumus from the School of Business and Management enjoyed a respectable run in front of a national audience as a participant this past season on the CBS television show, "The Amazing Race."

J.J. Carrell (MS, Organizational Leadership, 2011) is the supervisor of a 40-man unit with the U.S. Border Patrol that patrols the coastline from Camp Pendleton to Ventura County. He said that he was able to apply the lessons he learned at National University to his appearance as a contestant on the popular series, which aired Sundays at 8 p.m. throughout the spring.

Having just completed in its 12th Season, "The Amazing Race" pits two-man teams in a race around the world via multiple modes of transportation. Clues provided in each leg of the race lead the teams to their next destination or direct them to perform certain tasks.

The first episode featuring Mr. Carrell and his Border Patrol partner aired on February 19th.  (To view their introductory clip, click here.) The final episode, in which Mr. Carrell and his partner finished 2nd, aired on May 6. The program consistently ranked first among all programs in its Sunday time slot.  

To read an interview with Mr. Carrell and his partner following the season finale, click here.