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International Alumnus Profile: Heng Dju "Peter" Ong

“My experience at National University was, in one word, practical,” says alumnus and businessman Heng Dju “Peter” Ong (MBA, 1995) of West Java, Indonesia.

“It was practicality that made me chose to study at National, as I knew from fellow alumni that their courses are relevant to the real world. And in the real world, after graduation, a practical education kept me on the competitive edge,” he adds.

Mr. Ong started his career with a major full service advertising company in Jakarta, Indonesia, then moved to Taipei to work for leading multimedia network hardware base Taiwanese computer company. He then joined a software-based German company before returning to Indonesia and ultimately founding his own company in 2005. The company, Smart Buildings Automation, specializes the field of home automation and security.

Being employed in all of those different industries and different countries presented a variety of working cultures, and Mr. Ong credits his international Business and marketing classes in contributing to his success, “along with a bit of luck and determination.”

“I am glad that I pursued an MBA with emphasis in marketing,” says Mr. Ong, “As wherever I go, the basic marketing principles and my ‘real world’ education remain as constants in an ever-changing business climate.”

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