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National University Alumni Page Debuts on Facebook

National University is expanding its social media presence by adding a new Facebook page dedicated specifically to alumni. 

The page,  “National University Alumni and Friends” will debut in late September, and will compliment the official National University Facebook page, which targets a broader audience of alumni, students and prospective students, and aims to serve the more specific interests and needs of graduates and credential completers.

As of June 2012, Facebook has attracted more than 955 million active users who use the site to contact and network with friends and colleagues, exchange private or public messages, dialog in real time via a chat format, blog, join common-interest user groups, post photos and promote events and causes.

Facebook is the most used social networking service worldwide, and is popular with tech-savvy National University alumni.  In the 2012 National University Alumni Survey, 71 percent of respondents indicated membership on Facebook. Almost 60 percent of respondents said they visit Facebook daily.

Alumni sites on Facebook have become increasingly common in the past few years. Public and private universities, including San Diego State University, Sacramento State University, Fresno State University, Chapman University, University of the Pacific and USC all maintain an alumni presence on Facebook.

Alumni Relations aims to utilize its Alumni Facebook page to enhance awareness of alumni benefits, promote alumni services and discounts, and foster a closer, more personal bond with graduates through the incorporation of Facebook’s many features. It will add and update content on a regular basis and will also use the medium to highlight alumni success and achievement.

For more information regarding the new alumni page on Facebook, contact Hoyt Smith at