National University

Chinese Professor Discusses Potential Exchange Programs with National University

Professor Chan Liu, Chair of the Department of Business Administration at Nanfang College, with Sun Yat-sen University in the People’s Republic of China, recently visited National University International and the National University School of Business and Management (SOBM) at academic headquarters in La Jolla, California.

Proffesor Liu met with SOBM Dean Dr. Ron Uhlig, NUI President Dr. Jack Paduntin, and Dr. Juan Espana, Professor of International Business on Monday, August 6 to discuss possible exchange programs among the institutions as well as recruitment of Nanfang College students for National University programs. Among the potential exchange programs discussed was a summer program for international students.

NUI was established in 2006 to provide premier online education opportunities to students around the globe. Its initial offerings included English language and foreign language programs in Arabic, Chinese, and Farsi. Since then, NUI has extended its mission to assist the National University System in its global expansion efforts. In this role it serves as a distribution channel through which system affiliates are able to take advantage of the international education markets through an approach aligned for international expansion and operations.

Through SOBM, Professor Espana has hosted an “International Experience” course, which for the past several years has offered business students an opportunity to travel abroad and interact with foreign businesses and universities. Previous classes have included trips to China and Brazil.