National University

International Student Lands Opera Internship

Carmen Kruse is a 21-year-old international student from Austria who came to National University to study abroad for one semester. She studied music and media management in Munich, is a huge opera fan, and considered herself quite fortunate to land a marketing internship with the San Diego Opera.

Ms. Kruse grew up with opera, attending performances twice a week as a teen. She has worked with Opera Australia, which is affiliated with the world-famous Sydney Opera House. As she has discovered, opera in the United States is structured quite differently than it is in Europe and the rest of the world.

"There is less funding from the government, and opera is not such a big part of the culture here," said Kruse. "In Austria we have opera all year long."

Marketing opera to a U.S. audience has proven challenging for the Austrian native, but the National University intern said she has been having a lot of fun working on the San Diego Opera's Pinterest page, assisted in filming trailers for the upcoming opera season and promoting the new costume shop.

Although it isn't her first time in the United States, she has never been to the West Coast before. "I love it. It's beautiful," she says, especially the weather and the Mexican culture and cuisine. "I'm learning a lot in class, from my exposure to Americans, and from my internship, but the season doesn't start until January, so unfortunately I will return home before the opera season starts."

Ironically Ms. Kruse will miss performances that tie in closely with her experience in San Diego, including "The Daughter of the Regiment," about a young European woman who is exposed to Americans during World War II; and "Cruzar la Cara de la Luna," which for the first time ever brings the Mexican art form of Mariachi to opera.