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Center for Integrative Health launches Integrative Health Review

The National University System Center for Integrative Health has launched Integrative Health Review, a free online resource dedicated to sharing the latest information about health and wellness, Chancellor Jerry C. Lee announced on September 16.

Integrative Health Review is a collection point for articles, experts’ corner and subject-specific videos, forums, interactive tools and resources, and RSS feeds from a diverse range of expert contributors and renowned health organizations.

Integrative Health Review is under the direction of Chancellor Lee, who has long been the driving force behind the National University System’s health-focused offerings such as the Center for Integrative Health and its electronic magazine iTHRIVE.

“The affiliates of the National University System have remained committed to sharing the most up-to-date information related to how people can live longer and healthier lives,” said Chancellor Lee. “Integrative Health Review is the newest and most innovative example of our ongoing commitment to improving the communities we serve.”

Among the experts featured on Integrative Health Review are Dr. Lee Rice, one of San Diego’s most-recognized leaders in the fields of health, wellness, and sports medicine, and his team from the LifeWellness Institute. Also included are Dr. Kate Grace, a nationally-recognized physical therapist and owner of Kate Grace Physical Therapy; Dr. Alexander Shikhman, a leading expert in rheumatology from the Institute of Specialized Medicine; and Ms. Jacqueline Townsend Konstanturos, CEO of Restorative Remedies, who specializes in the fast-growing field of gluten intolerance.

The site explores numerous topics, including integrative health, alternative medicine, eating and nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, workplace wellness, the human body, peak performance, preventive medicine, sports medicine, stress management, vitamins and supplements, and weight control. An entire section of the site is devoted to disease prevention and management, with more than 20 distinct diseases covered.

To help spread the word about the site, a proactive social media campaign began in September, and Integrative Health Review can now be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. Moving forward, new articles, videos, and resources will be continuously added to the site to reflect that latest research and information related to integrative health.

To begin exploring this important resource, and to find the latest information about health and wellness, visit today.