Alumni Engagement Hits Groundbreaking Stride

Events and services are more frequent, geographically diverse and well-attended

The National University Alumni Association reached new benchmarks this spring, hosting an ambitious slate of alumni events from Sacramento to San Diego and reaching out to record numbers of graduates and credential completers while significantly expanding career services.

From the merchandise and reception booth at Sacramento commencement on Sunday, April 12, to a mixer  at the Hilton in Santa Monica on April 30,  staff and faculty met face-to-face with hundreds of alumni to discuss their experience as students, their professional success and their long-term goals and plans. 

Events in May included a Student Appreciation Luncheon solidifying bonds between the University and its most important consituents - before they graduate ;as well as Teacher Appreciation Night at PETCO Park on May 15, in which 14 of the 44 San Diego County District Teachers of the Year recognized by National University and the San Diego Padres were alumni.

Career Service Activities in April and May included two focus groups discussing Career Services at National University; a partnership with the accounting department within the School of Business and Management (SOBM) to deliver Career Services/accounting department Internships; another SOBM partnership to set up a Mentor Program for MBA students; a resume workshop for International Students at the Spectrum Academic Center; and participation in preparations for a mentor program with the College of Letters and Sciences.

June will bring more alumni outreach at San Diego commencement on June 17; as well as alumni events in Costa Mesa, San Diego and Sacramento.  Additionally, Career Services has announced a resume workshop every Wednesday, via Zoom; and mock interviews every Thursday. These services will be available through July.

Upcoming summer events at PETCO Park include celebrations with alumni at Military Appreciation Day and Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. 

A fresh slate of professional development speakers has been announced, via National University's new Career Management Community. This free service connects you to web-based presentations (webinars) from leading speakers and authors in the diverse field of professional development.

All of these events and services tie into larger, more encompassing stories, including a new $20 million donation to the National University Sanford Education Center, and a national roll-out of its programs.  

Alumni are among the University's most important stakeholders, and rank as our key ambassadors in sharing prominent news and information regarding our curricula, our leadership and our success.  You serve a key role in advancing our reputation and promoting our institutional values and image to the community at large.

Our mission is to meet your continuing needs as an alum and keep you connected in meaningful ways that increase the value of your degree. The Association invites you to read about all of the above-mentioned events, activities and services in affiliated articles in this edition of the Newswire. If you have story ideas to share, please contact us at