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A Mother's Testament to her Fortitude

When April Munis walked across the stage at National University's commencement ceremony, she completed a journey that had taken her around the world and through eight different colleges and universities.

The fact that Munis is well traveled is not surprising; moving around is a way of life for a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force. But the fact that she earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration via National University's convenient online format is a testament to her fortitude.

"I moved around a lot. At times I had to go to two colleges at the same time because I had to work around my military career by taking the classes that were available" said Munis.

In addition to being convenient for her military career, National's online program allowed the single mother to focus on another important aspect of her life, taking care of her two young daughters.

The fact that online classes were convenient made them no less challenging: "Make no mistake, online classes are no joke - they are just as hard as regular classes," said Munis, who hopes that earning her degree will help her progress through the ranks during her military career.

As if she needed more motivation, Munis gained strength from the accomplishments of her sister Amber Ballesteros, who earned both her Bachelor's and Master's in Accounting from National University.

Munis offers this advice to prospective and current students: "There is no reason to wait and no good excuse. I took online classes from the other side of the globe and still came out with A's!"