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Online Learning:

Common Mistakes

No longer just a tool for your education, your computer is fast becoming a vehicle for education. The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that as few as five years ago over 3 million students enrolled in online courses, and enrollment is expected to surpass 17 million by 2010.

Earning your online degree is not without its challenges. We compiled this list of common mistakes made by first-time online learners. Hopefully you can benefit from their experience:

Select the right school
Watch out for "diploma mill" schools. You've heard the stories! Schools charge thousands of dollars for a worthless degree. Look for credentialed and accredited schools when you look for an online program.

Don't underestimate the workload
Some students think that online education is easier than traditional classroom education. Remember this: an online program requires the same time commitment as an on-campus program. A typical online class requires three or four hours of class time each week, plus homework.

Stay on task
It's easy for your online deadlines to fall to the bottom of your priority list when you don't have the continued reminders of due dates and obligations. Many students never finish their online course because they simply wait too long to get started once enrolled!

Even in the online classroom, you have a professor and fellow students. You may not "see" them each day, but they're there and a valuable asset to your education. Be sure to take advantage of one-on-one communication opportunities with your instructor and online chats with your peers.

Keep up with technology
As rich media become more robust, so does your online education. Make sure you have the minimum computer and connection configurations recommended by your school, so you can experience the full benefits of online education. Also, take a basic course in using the Internet so that you can take advantage of all the resources available to you.

Overall, an online education can save you time and money while you earn your college degree. If you avoid these common mistakes, you'll be on your way to the career you've dreamed of in no time!

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