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Professional Development: Resume Tips for online learners

While many employers are very familiar with online learning, even sending their employees online to gain extra skills, it doesn't hurt to use your resume as an opportunity to remind them of all the great skills you bring to the table as a result of your online learning.

In many ways, your online degree will help you stand out from your peers. After all, you've already mastered technology and the nuances of electronic and global communications. Here are a few tips to help you sell the benefits of your degree within your resume.

First off, your school views your online degree with exactly the same esteem as a traditional degree. You worked just as hard to get it, and you met the same requirements. Since we don't see a difference, neither should you or your potential employer. So, keep the online status of your degree off your resume and save it for your face-to-face discussions when you get that coveted interview!

Second, use those keywords and skills that you gained in your online studies to beef up your resume. For example, if you headed up a team project in an online course, include managing a geographically isolated team within your skill set. By the time you've finished your online studies, Internet research should also be a prominent skill on your resume.

Third, be honest. As a graduate of an online program, you know the benefits of online learning better than anyone else, and you are your best salesperson. Nothing falls through the shredder faster than a dishonest resume, so while you strive to highlight all of your great accomplishments in your previous employment and your education, keep it on the up and up!