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Online Education: Helping You at Work

Online education continues to grow in popularity and acceptance in the workplace. More than 86% of employers surveyed report that they are willing to hire a job candidate who holds an online degree.

Once thought of as only a faster way to earn your degree, an online education is increasingly seen as beneficial to both you and your employer.

Benefits to You
Research shows that a college degree correlates directly to your earning potential, and the relationship between compensation and education level is becoming even more prominent.

Today more than ever, education is key. Employers are increasingly using diplomas and degrees as a way to screen applicants. And once you've landed the job you want, your salary will reflect your credentials.

A person with a Bachelor's degree, online or not, will earn an average of almost twice as much as workers with a high school diploma over a lifetime. This is a result of not only higher starting salaries for people with higher education levels, but also the sharper earnings growth over the course their careers.

Benefits to Your Employer
Your online education extends far beyond subject matter expertise. It represents a cutting-edge way of doing work and a mastery of today's leading business and communication tools.

Online education helps you to think globally and critically. In today's global economy, employers appreciate your experience in remote collaboration with people from around the world.

Your online education also strengthens your online business communications. Employers benefit from having tech-savvy employees who know how to communicate effectively in online environments.

Also, as an online student you learn to manage your time. With time management being one of the primary challenges facing new employees, you'll have a leg up on the competition.

Finally, as someone who is used to online collaboration, you'll be bringing expertise and online leadership to your virtual teams. While others in your workplace grapple with learning the technological and social nuances of online collaboration, you'll be helping your teams thrive!

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