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Choosing the Right Degree Program

There are so many online degree programs how do I select the right one for me?

Many prospective students delay starting their college education simply because they aren't sure what they want to study. By the time they get around to thinking about going back to school, they're already entrenched in their careers and may even feel trapped in them.

The good news is that you have time to explore and select online degree programs, and that going back to school provides you the opportunity to advance within your current career or even start a new one.

If you want to stay on your current career path, talk to your employer and an academic advisor at your new college to determine which degree is most in line with your career. Since your professional experience might count toward college credit, this option can also help you get your degree faster.

If you want to embark on a new career path, follow these tips:

  • Choose electives that allow you to explore fields that interest you
  • Study your college's course catalog to learn about the requirements for different degrees
  • Visit the Career Center at your school to learn about career tests and other tools designed to help you identify your strengths and interests
  • Talk to upperclassmen about their majors
  • Research career options online and through professional associations
  • Talk to people in career fields you are considering; ask the Career Center or Alumni Office for contacts
  • Contact lead faculty members for details on specific degrees

In the end, knowing which of the online degree programs is right for you can help you find the personal satisfaction and career stability you're looking for, but not knowing what you want to study shouldn't stop you from going back to school!

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