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Is online education right for me?

This is perhaps the best question you can ask before beginning your journey into online education. We've answered it before, and we'll answer it again here! Also, we apologize to those of you who tried to access the online demo last month. We assure you that the link at the end of this article is active this time around!

So, is online education right for you? Well, many returning students find the flexible schedule and lack of commute to a campus are the main advantages of online education, but it's not for every student. Some prefer and need the face-to-face interaction and communication with the instructor found in traditional classroom settings.

Although studies have shown that online students learn and perform as well (if not better than) students in traditional courses, the dropout rate for distance learners is often higher. To be a successful online student, you need to be:

  • Self-motivated and self-directed in completing coursework
  • Assertive when needing assistance
  • An effective communicator  (especially in written communication or email)
  • Able to prioritize work, academic, or other responsibilities

If you still think online classes might be right for you and want to learn more, review an online course demo on our website.