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Not sure you're ready to go back to school?

You're not alone!

I know a college degree will improve my future, but I'm nervous that I may not be ready to take the dive and go back to school. How do other students get over this fear?

There are several things prospective students like you can do to familiarize yourself with the university environment and going back to school in general.

First of all, call the department you're interested in and ask to speak to a faculty member. They can tell you more about what you'll learn, potential outcomes, and other resources available to you.

Second, call the admissions office at your prospective school and ask about campus tours. Often, just "being there" and seeing other students engaged in learning and activity is enough to help you through the fear.

Third, consider auditing a class. Being back in the classroom provides you a sneak peek into what your life will be like when you're back in class. It also gives you an idea of the instructional methods and what other students are like.

Finally, if you're considering online studies, talking to a faculty member is still a great plan, and you might also want to review a demo of an online learning environment. You can view National University's course demo online.